Possible 19th Century drainage pattern for Walbeck Stream

Contrary to popular belief, drainage from the Eastfield Park area did not flow to the streams in Abington Park. Rather, it fed into a stream that flowed westwards to meet brooks draining the Bradlaugh Fields area and so becoming the Walbeck Brook that flows into the northern branch of the Nene in Kingsthorpe Hollow.

The map, when first loaded, shows the possible pattern of drainage in the 19th C. It is based on old maps and current evidence but is partly conjectural. By the 19th C. the drainage had already been considerably influenced by human activity. Channels had often been straightened and diverted to follow field boundaries.

The map is interacive in the usual style of Google maps and can be rescaled or the base map changed. The drainage lines will not be accurate on large scale maps but will indicate the general direction and pattern of flow.

The blue markers show the positions of mapped springs. There are more to add when precise locations are known.

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